Gate and Intercom
89 €

Connect your gate with The Keys Inside module!

Enjoy The Keys technology while keeping existing remote controls: 

  • hands-free access when you arrive by car or motorcycle
  • remote access via gateway
  • compatible with the entire The Keys ecosystem.


Terminals 1 & 2
Connect the first 2 terminals to the power supply on the gate control panel

  • Power supply in 5 and 60V AC/DC
  • No polarity

Terminals 5 & 6
Connect the last 2 terminals to the control unit on the board


Easy to install
4 wires to connect and it's ready
Full compatibility
Compatible with all gates as long as there is an accessible circuit
Hands free
The gate opens automatically when approaching by car or motorcycle. Your phone acts like an electronic toll.
The portal module is compatible with all the keys accessories and services
On the intercom!
Simulate the intercom push button and give your tenants access to the collective door of the building

Bluetooth switch
The module acts as a Bluetooth switch and can be used for many purposes: strike, shutters, suction cup etc.

Technical characteristics

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89 €

Color Grey metallic and black
Weight 750g
Dimensions of the product 110 x 70 x 40 mm
Manufacturing France
Power supply 2 rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 2.6Ah. 1 year autonomy.
Security Encryption between the server and the lock.
Smartphone prerequisites iPhone 4s (or later), Android 5.0 (or later)
Opening / closing speed 2 seconds
Languages English, French


59 €
Remote control
29 €
79 €
19 €
Door sensor
19,90 €
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