The easiest smartLock

The Keys lock installs in 2 minutes, opens in 2 seconds and battery life is 2 years!

Découvrir la serrure

Full control from your phone

  • Configure your smartlock with smartphone.
  • Share access with your family and friends.
  • Control entries and exits from history...
  • Open and close your door.

Access options according to your needs

Inviting friends?
Share and control access with your smartphone.
More information

My kids don't have smartphones!
With the remote control, your children can easily go home.
Remote control details
You rent your home?
Install a digicode at the entrance to your home for easy access.
Digicode Details

Home help?
The gateway is the solution. You control remote access to your home.
Gateway Details

Security first

  • The mechanical security (physical key), allows to open the lock manually.
  • Digital security with unique digital keys.
  • Encryption tested with a hacker community.


59 €
Remote control
29 €
79 €
19 €